Yaya Jabbi

Good evening, all. I would like to extend my greetings to all the people who have come out for this event. My name is Abu Jabbi. I am the brother of the late Yaya Jabbi. He was born after me, and he was the second brother I had since our childhood three years. We were living together with our parents, and some of our family members in a [...]. We all lived together as a family. I slept together with him in the same bed when we were young; played together, worked together in our families' farm and so on. When he was at the age of six, my parents took him to private school, where they learn Arabic and Islamic religions. During his story in that school, he was really sad and very clever. And he had a very good relationship with his teachers. He always came out with good results at the end of every academic year. During his studies in that school, they go to school every five days in a week, starting from 8am to 2pm. After school in the afternoon, he would take lunch from home and take it to the family who was working on the farm. And some of our farms are a little bit far from home. He would put the food in a bowl and put it on his head. He would walk fast in a work zone and take it to the place where the family members were working. During this time, my dad would normally stay in France, but sometimes in our home country. My mom is permanently with us in our hometown. He had a very good relationship with everyone in the family, and was hard working, sharing joy's happiness and kindness with everyone. When he was at the age of 12 to 15 he was going to school. When he came from school or when they were not going to school, he did some homework for the family and also went to the farmland together with us sometimes if we came from home, farm or not, to go to find fish -- when they go to fishing to catch some fish in the river or lakes near our village. When you go with him fishing, he normally came out with fish which is good, which is enough for us to get some food, and later distribute the rest of the fish to our neighbors to get their own food, too. Those efforts from him really helped us sometimes and even prevented us from buying fish in the market. When he was at the age of 15, he learned to study Islamic or Arabic in a village for about 90 kilometer distance from our hometown to further his education. The place he went to further his education, the majority of the students were taken there by their parents or a force, but for him, he goes there by himself. And no one took him there. That is all because of his love for education. He was a really hard working man who doesn't like to rest. He always want to be working. And many people in our family are proud of him about his hard work and honestly lovely, respect, kindness, and always smiling. Because he always wanted to help the family and the neighbors too. This is why the sad of his death is not only about the family but the neighbors too. They really liked him so much. And that's all about because of his love and caring. He was someone very obedient to the people and the family. When my parents talked to him, he listened to them. When my brother talked to him, the same. And when I talked to him too. We were in a good relationship with him. We were in a good relationship with him until the end of his life. He knew that and we knew that too.

He left our home country in August 2013 and went to Libya when he left our home country. I was in Italy in October 2013. He tried to cross the Mediterranean Sea from Libya to Italy and thank God for that he successfully arrived in Italy safely. After their arrival in Italy he called me and my brother that he arrived in Italy safely. During this time, I normally spoke with him to know about their condition, and ready to give support if they requested. After two weeks their arrival in Italy, I was laying in the house and my friend called me on the phone and told me that I'm here with your brother. They transferred him into a camp here in Italy. Immediately I woke up from the bed and walked out to the front, from the house, to the place where my friend and yeah, it was. When I saw him, I was very happy because it'd been one and half year we didn't see each other or normally spoke on the phone. So I then took him to the house where I was living. And that had been the residence of him during his time in Italy. When I met him in Italy, we lived together for one year. During this time we were living in Italy, we lived how we lived in our home country, with love and caring for each other. He never wanted to see me in difficult situation. And I never wanted to see him too. We tried to help each other out of any difficulties, and often say a good advice to each other. After one year, when he met me in Italy, I moved from Italy to Germany on Friday. When I was in Germany, I had requested asylum, and I was transferred into a bigger city from Saturday to Wednesday, on Wednesday evening, I was transferred to Halberstadt. One Tuesday in October, he also made a move from Italy to Germany. And he arrived in that Tuesday evening in Germany. When he also arrived in Germany, he went directly to the police office, a good case for asylum. And he was also transferred to [Karlsruhe…] in that Tuesday night. When he arrived in [Karlsruhe...]. On Wednesday, they transferred him to Halberstadt where they transferred me. In the morning. On Tuesday, I wanted to go and take my breakfast. I met him outside, we greeted each other nicely and we were all happy to meet each other again in the same country. During there in Halberstadt, came similar family, [we lived like] family ready to help each other. After two weeks in Halberstadt we were transferred into a small city called [Haldensleben...]. Where they say it's going to be our Heim or home in. We were only in [Haldensleben...] for some months. Then I decided to come to Hamburg as he was in [Haldensleben...] looking for a job. He went to a Job Center in [Haldensleben...] in Saxen-Anhalt. Then he wanted to walk. But they told him that he didn't have the right to walk yet.

One day, he then called me that he wanted to go to Hamburg as it is also a bigger city, with too many job opportunities for you than a smaller city where he was living, in his opinion. Because of this he decided to come to Hamburg. Actually, when he came -- came here, he didn't have a permanent job here, but he had some jobs for part-time. And he was also getting money from the social for his financial support. He first came to Hamburg in the late November 2014. During this time he was homeless. He was not someone who liked financial support for himself or a family member that he is weak to help himself. The family members will be there for him. He knows that and it is clear for him. And one thing I want to say it clear for everyone that he was happy that he is here in Germany, especially in Hamburg. He hadn't managed to get that in his country. He was really happy and proud to be here, especially in Hamburg.

Since he was here, he always keep in touch. We always keep in touch. One day, I tried to call him–I couldn't reach him online. Then I started doubting about him. But later I realized that he was in the police custody when he was arrested on the 14th of June 2016. After two weeks, when he was arrested, he called me in the morning, and I answered the phone. He greeted me nicely, without any confusion in my experience, and he told me that he is now here in the prison. He said to me that, but don't worry. So very soon, I will be released. As they say, my court will be next two weeks after, after that I will be released. In the same conversation, he asked me, How is all family at home? Are they all fine? I told him that they are all okay. He asked me again. Did you tell my mom that I'm in prison? I told him that no, not yet. He said okay, even you don't tell her because he said it's so [...], I think it isn't necessary to tell her. He was in a prison for a month. And he he had believed that no matter how recent this prison term contained, it wouldn't be longer than two months. That was the first and last conversation I had with him in the prison. That was also the final conversation between me and him in this world. After two weeks after our conversation, which he believed that he will be released, I got the worst news that he is dead. On the 28th of February, Friday 2016 I got a phone call that Yaya was died in the prison in Hahnöfersand Hamburg.

I Abou Jabbi, speaking as a brother.

I would like to thank everyone for your effort and support. Sometimes I saw the efforts coming from everyone or every branch is it makes me so strong and make me believe that I am not alone. This type of effort is not something common in humans. Even me as a brother, sometimes [...] to keep going on, but they never give up. I will I will give you all maximum extra respect . If all humans are like this, there will be no suffering in this world. Thank you all once again for giving me this opportunity. I would like to thank for all those who have traveled from their warm home to come out in this cold. I wish you all the best. I wish you all the best. And for this to be the last incident to witness. Thank you all. I wish you all nice evenings.

Rest in peace brother. Today marks the one year of you since you have gone. Thank you all.

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On Sunday, February 18, 2018, we dedicated the Yaya Jabbi Circle. By the morning of February 20, 2018, both the new street sign and the plaque were gone.

Yaya Jabbi Circle is a sign that Yaya will not be forgotten. We need memorials to remember the victims of the racist system. The circle is part of the Park Fiction. The Park Fiction Committee is happy that we are realizing the memorial at this place.

We will not forget Yaya and we will not forget the circumstances under which he died! We will not let this place of remembrance be taken from us!

Black Lives Matter!

Initiative in memory of Yaya Jabbi https://rememberjajadiabi.blackblogs.org/